Talent Recruitment Services

To recruit the right staff, Christian schools first need to fully understand the skill set, spiritual qualifications, gifts and talents necessary to accomplish the objectives of its positions. To develop a Discipleship culture, Christian schools must hire teaching and non-teaching staff possessing the ability and willingness to Disciple students. Misalignment between the vision and mission of the school and its recruitment process seriously jeopardizes the potential for success.

Once the skill set, spiritual qualifications, gifts and talents needed for the positions are fully identified, selecting the appropriate communication methods for reaching candidates with these characteristics is possible. Not all recruitment communication methods will reach the appropriate potential candidates. Churches, Christian universities, recruitment firms, on-line career sites and other mediums all reach different candidate pools. Selecting the right medium to reach the right potential candidates is the key to a successful recruitment process.

IGC partners with a client school to identify, assess and select the very best possible candidate. To be sure a candidate is fully vetted, IGC employs highly sophisticated methodologies including:

1. Competency-based interviewing

2. 360 degree referencing

3. Due diligence processes that may be augmented by psychometric testing and broader assessments.

IGC develops the following from the input of the client school:

1. Position Description and Profile

2. Reporting Structure

3. Employment Agreement

4. Evaluation and Review Criteria and Process

5. Compensation and Benefits Plan

Our success is defined by the long-term commitment and impact of the person hired, therefore we are motivated to help secure a lasting, successful hire for our school client.

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