Student Retention Plans

Why is student attrition so important?

  • Student Attrition rate is an indicator of how well you are serving parents/students
  • 1 lost student can cost a school more than $100,000 over 10 years
  • 1 unhappy parent/student will tell 54 other people on average
  • Attrition impacts student addition

What is the #1 cause of student attrition? - usually, simple issues left unresolved

Dissatisfaction is caused by not resolving simple issues in a timely manner. Schools...

  • Must know what the issues are
  • Must know how many there are
  • Must know how long it's taking to resolve them
  • Must know how many unresolved issues there are at any one time
  • Must know who the repeat offenders are

Maintaining full student capacity is important for the financial health of Christian schools. IGC has years of experience helping Christian schools substantially reduce student attrition. IGC will lead your team through the process of developing and implementing a sustainable Student Retention Plan that will generate significant funds for your school for years to come.

Pricing - to be quoted based on scope and estimated time required

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