Small Groups

School Discipleship efforts should include multiple components or elements all working together to guide students toward a deeper walk with Christ. These would include a weekly or daily chapel program, Bible, Christian Ethics or Spiritual Formation classes of some sort being taught as part of the curriculum, intentional integration of the Christian worldview by teachers in all subject areas, and one-on-one mentoring relationships that are informally developed between students and staff.

Small groups will add the element of intentional relational communities, led by adults, guided by Scripture, and intended to provide a place where students can know one another more intimately, care for one another more deeply, hold each other accountable more intentionally, pray for one another more specifically, and serve one another more effectively. For adolescents, having a "place to belong" is crucial to effective spiritual growth.

IGC will work with your Leadership to develop and implement a Small Group strategy to help your school be all God intended it to be. Contact us for more information and a quote on our Developing Discipleship Culture services.

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