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IGC has developed tools and templates it uses to implement the plan. Governance models, strategic planning processes, revenue generation strategies, outsourced development services, discipleship assessments, small group programs and many others. See the “TOOLS” section of this website for more details.


How do I start with IGC?

IGC provides highly effective fundraising solutions to fund the development of a long term plan, leadership workshops focused on the 9 school components and a proprietary Assessment & Planning Process (APP) to strengthen your school.

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1. Fundraising Solutions - IGC provides various crowdfunding and other unique mission aligned fundraising solutions to schools. Most IGC clients set school records when conducting these events.

2. Workshops & Retreats - IGC conducts on-site full-day and half-day Board, Administration and Leadership workshops and retreats, designed to strengthen the 9 components of a school system, foster financial sustainability and operational excellence and help create a Discipleship Infused Education culture.

3. Assessment & Planning Process – a comprehensive data driven proprietary process designed to significantly strengthen the 9 components of a school. The process produces a comprehensive plan IGC will help you implement. IGC has created many tools to assist in implementing the plans that are developed. The plans normally cover a 3 to 5-year time frame and are always designed to be self-funding.