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IGC provides three service options to help strengthen the 9 school components:

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1. Fundraising Solutions - IGC provides various crowdfunding and other unique mission aligned fundraising solutions to schools. Most IGC clients set school records when conducting these events.

2. Workshops & Retreats - IGC conducts on-site full-day and half-day Board, Administration and Leadership workshops and retreats, designed to strengthen the 9 components of a school system, foster financial sustainability and operational excellence and help create a Discipleship Infused Education culture.

3. Assessment & Planning Process – a comprehensive data driven proprietary process designed to significantly strengthen the 9 components of a school. The process produces a comprehensive plan IGC will help you implement. IGC has created many tools to assist in implementing the plans that are developed. The plans normally cover a 3 to 5-year time frame and are always designed to be self-funding.