Student Enrollment Assessments

Through a 2 day on-site and several day off-site process IGC will provide your school with a complete assessment of its potential in the area of Student Enrollment by employing and implementing the following:

  • Quantitative Survey of the Board/Leadership/key staff as selected by you
  • Qualitative Survey/Interview of Board/Leadership/key staff as selected by you
  • Focus Groups with key stakeholders/parents as selected by you
  • Complete review of the present admissions process, marketing plans, messaging, the local marketplace, attrition trends, enrollment, stakeholder demographics etc.

Once the Assessment is completed IGC will deliver the following:

  • The qualitative and quantitative data
  • A written report including methodology, findings, recommendations for action and budgets for employing the recommended actions
  • A 1 to 4 hour on-site presentation of the results

The Assessment will allow your school to make critical decisions and take action regarding the vital topic of Student Enrollment. IGC also provides services to help your school's leadership implement the recommendations and optimize the benefits associated with building and implementing a complete Enrollment plan and strategy.

Note - Other Categories can be included in the Assessment including Governance, Strategic Planning, Alternative Revenue, Development, Human Resource Development, Discipleship Culture, Digital On-line Presence and/or Operational Excellence

Pricing - $7,250 plus expenses