Student Addition Plans

Every student desk that sits empty is not only a lost opportunity to have an eternal impact on a young soul, but speaks to stewardship. If a K to 12 school of 300 potential students has 20% of its desks sitting empty, the total loss of annual revenue is likely between $400,000 and $600,000. With a 25 student maximum per class this school will employ approximately 15 teachers. The annual loss of revenue equals between $26,000 and $40,000 per teacher. Just filling these desks would likely bring teachers salaries to parity in this example.

Reaching full student capacity is important for the financial health of Christian schools. IGC has years of experience marketing Christian schools and substantially increasing the enrollment of students that fully meet their admissions requirements.

IGC will lead your team through the process of developing and implementing a sustainable Student Addition Plan that will generate significant funds for your school for years to come.

Pricing - to be quoted based on scope and estimated time required

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