Position Description Development

Having a clear understanding of the role, expectations, responsibilities, authority and reporting requirements of a position is vital to successful recruitment, selection and management of the position. The person filling the position must know what is expected in order to be successful. Too often employees and leaders have different uncommunicated expectations of a position, which leads to conflict, tension and under performance. This is leadership's issue as it is the leader's responsibility to clearly communicate expectations.

Position descriptions should be developed for non-teaching staff and teachers. Good position descriptions clearly indicate how a position is expected to contribute to the realization of vision and mission. They are helpful in creating a culture where everyone is "rowing in the same direction."

IGC has many years of experience developing effective position descriptions for every position in a Christian school. IGC will work with your Leadership to develop Position Descriptions for all positions to help your school be all God intended it to be. Contact us for more information and a quote on our Human Resource Development services.