Marketing Plans

Admissions is the process of persuading fully qualified parents and students to choose your school and existing parents and students to remain at your school. Marketing and communications produces inquiries from prospective parents and students. A school has no prospective parents and students to persuade if there are no parents or students inquiring.

A proper marketing plan consists of:

  • A Definition of the Target Market
  • Demographic and Psycho-graphic Characteristics of the Target Market
  • Messaging Aligned with Target Market Characteristics
  • Understanding Where the Target is in the Decision Making Process
  • Employing Mediums that Reach the Target Market
  • Employing Event Marketing Strategies
  • Clear and Consistent Mission and Vision Aligned Messaging
  • Complete Budgets and Projections
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Organizing for Success

IGC will lead your team through the development and implementation of a Marketing Plan that meets all of the requirements above and generates significant inquiries for your school.

Pricing - to be quoted based on scope and estimated time required

IGC has helped schools dramatically increase student and parent inquiries. IGC will work with your Leadership to develop and implement a Marketing Plan that will help your school be all God intended it to be.

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