IGC exists to help Christian schools create a Discipleship Infused Education culture that Influences a Generation for Christ. We do this by helping Christian schools become stronger financially and operationally. IGC walks its partner schools through 3 primary steps to become stronger: ASSESS, PLAN & IMPLEMENT.

IGC helps Christian schools employ a model that organizes them for success so they can become financially self-sufficient and completely fulfill their God-given purpose. We're all about creating "History Making World Changers for Christ."


1. Workshops & Retreats - IGC conducts on-site workshops and retreats for the Board and Administration in any of the 6 areas of focus listed below.

2. Assessments & Custom Plan Development - First, IGC performs a comprehensive data driven proprietary Assessment in any combination of the 6 areas of focus below. The Assessment results in a comprehensive report and the development of a customized step-by-step plan with timelines and budgets to achieve the identified objectives of partner schools. The plans normally cover a 3 to 5 year time frame and are always designed to be self funding.

3. Plan Implementation - IGC has the ability to implement each phase of the plan or coach a partner school's team through the implementation.

4. Tools and Solutions - IGC provides a myriad of tools and solutions to help implement the various custom plans developed for partner schools.


1. Governance & Strategic Planning

2. Alternative Revenue & Funding Development

3. Discipleship Culture Development

4. Operational Excellence

5. Human Resource Development

6. Digital On-line Presence

The vast majority of Christian schools face major financial challenges or are a decision or two away from a significant financial struggle.

Christian schools desire to go beyond focusing primarily on developing academic skills, in a safe, moral and ethical climate. They strive to fully integrate a Biblical worldview into the teaching of all academic subjects. They want to educate students in heart, soul and mind.

However, a lack of resources oftentimes negatively impacts a Christian school's ability to achieve these objectives and influence a generation for Christ.


How would it feel to focus more on God’s vision for your school and less on meeting urgent revenue and funding needs?

How would it feel to know without a doubt, you have the resources you need to achieve God’s plans for your school?

Significant and sustainable funding can be a reality for Christian schools.