For over 35 years, Ron Smith has been called to lead. Since launching his first successful business at the tender age of fifteen, Ron has been given many opportunities to gain proficiency in the area’s of human resources, operations management and business development. He has used these learnings extensively as a consultant to both private and non-profit entities.

Ron began giving back when he was asked to sit on a parks & recreation board shortly after his nineteenth birthday. Through a lifetime of service since then, he has gathered considerable experience in non-profit governance; both leading and taking direction from a Board of Directors. Ron strives to have a positive impact on those he is called to serve by providing insights surrounding sustainability and growth, two areas he is passionate about.

As a committed family man, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Ron is now using the last half of his career to serve others full-time and to build the Kingdom using the many tools and resources God has provided him. In his spare time Ron enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing guitar, reading and being physically active with his wife Wanda and their two boys.