An historic population, wealth, leadership, political and religious shift is taking place in the world. Our faith has been placed in affluence and power, while we have largely abandoned our first love. As affluence and power wanes, Christian faith will be deeply tested.

God is starting to shake what needs to be shaken.

Superficial Christianity has helped create a “next” generation that is marked by anxiety and depression, rejects their parent’s faith and are leaving the church in alarming numbers. They are hungry for truth and authenticity. They are deeply relational, driven for social justice and motivated to make a difference. But, they need to be equipped spiritually, emotionally and intellectually to navigate the changes that are coming. Christian schools have an incredible opportunity to be a catalyst for equipping the next generation by partnering with parents and the local church to create “History Making World Changers” but first Christian education needs to become all God intended it to be.

GOD calling Christian school's to commit to the discipleship of students. He views education as one component of Discipleship. According to His word, education should begin with an understanding of God, a personal relationship with His son Jesus Christ and then a mastering of His academic subjects guided by God given gifts and abilities. When we are in a proper relationship with Christ we perform at our highest potential in all regards – even academically. But, Christ must come first!

IGC exists to profoundly influence generations for Christ through Discipleship infused Christian education. We want to help children attain high academic outcomes, but more importantly to help the emerging generation develop a deep-seated close personal relationship with Christ, unleashing their capacity to be "History Making World Changers" and to impact the world for God's Kingdom – perhaps one of the most significant opportunities of our day.
IGC knows Christian schools desire to go beyond focusing primarily on developing academic skills, in a safe, moral and ethical climate. We know they strive to fully integrate a Biblical worldview into the teaching of all academic subjects. That they desperately want to educate students in heart, soul and mind, believing that doing anything less than joining with families to fully equip students spiritually as well as academically would be unacceptable.

IGC wants to help them play their important role in the Discipleship of students.

Through improved governance & strategic planning, sustainable revenue and funding solutions, the development of a discipleship infused education culture, operational excellence, human resource development and a digital online presence, IGC is profoundly strengthening Christian schools to have Powerful Kingdom Impact.


..has begun and IGC is rising to this challenge with Christian schools, saying that we can be all God has called us to be! We invite you to join us and many others to "Influence a Generation for Christ" - to create "History Making World Changers" - through authentic Discipleship Infused Christian Education.