• Schools as small as 60 students have raised more than $100,000.
  • Larger schools have been known to raise as much as $200,000.
  • The amount varies and is dependent on many factors – most within your control.


  • The short answer – No, they don’t.
  • Auctions, golf tournaments and other fundraisers don’t work.
  • Fundraising methods are like golf clubs.
  • If someone gives you Dustin Johnson’s golf clubs, will you play like him? Not likely.
  • Are the clubs to blame? No, they are the best.
  • How you use the golf clubs determines the level of success.
  • The same is true for fundraising.
  • Fundraising methods neither work, nor don't work. 
  • How you implement a fundraising method determines success.
  • What does Dustin Johnson have that you don’t have?
  • A coach that provides instruction and guidance.
  • That’s what we give you!


  • Christian schools need to get off the fundraising merry-go-round
  • Become less dependent on fundraising to meet operating needs.
  • Invest in a process to become financially sustainable.
  • Use fundraising to realize their God given mission and vision and not just to keep the doors open.
  • IGC suggests you invest some of the money raised in our Assessment & Planning Process.
  • To become financially sustainable and use fundraising to realize your purpose.


Every event is comprised of almost the exact same “Fundraising Process” as follows:

  • We help you recruit a “Host Team” of 5 – 8 volunteers.
  • Each Host Team member is assigned a simple list of duties.
  • Each team member receives a short video tutorial – the Champion Academy.
  • We conduct an on-site “Host Team” orientation focused on a 12-week process.
  • We provide the Host Team captain weekly instruction from a coach.
  • We provide a portal with instructions for each of the 12 weeks of the process.
  • We are on-site and help you conduct a “Kick Off” event for school supporters.
  • Supporters set up an individual website that we build in advance of Kick Off.
  • Supporters are taught to share the story of your school with others.
  • Cutting edge technology is used to send the story message.
  • During the 12 week process we help you communicate with supporters.
  • We provide print-ready and electronic materials customized to your school.
  • We are on-site again for the day of event (no matter which event you choose).
  • We provide weekly Executive Campaign Status Reports.
  • We provide the plan and support.
  • You provide the volunteers and participants.


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Feed-the Need follows the “Fundraising Process," is an innovative way to raise significant money for your school and a means of having your parents and students make a true difference in the world.  It brings an overseas “mission trip” experience onto a school campus.

Students pack 10,000 meals in an indoor Packing Party for hungry children and orphans.  The scene is exciting and filled with energy, balloons, news crews and upbeat music.

1,500 of the meals can be distributed locally, while 8,500 are distributed overseas to orphans and hungry children in third-world countries (Haiti, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Bangladesh).

We provide all of the meal ingredients, packing equipment and help you conduct the event. The event gives your participants an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Sporting Clay Shoots:

Sporting Clay Shoots follow the “Fundraising Process.” They are one of the hottest and fastest-growing fundraising events.  Instead of paying an entry fee, shooters raise money through personal sponsors prior to the day of event. 

  • A small school in rural Alabama – despite humble income demographics, raised $92,000!

Participants use shotguns to shoot round hard-clay targets that are launched into the air. The events are very similar to golf tournaments, but much more effective. Shooters typically play in foursomes and ride golf carts fitted with gun racks. Like golf, shooters keep a scorecard and shoot from 15-20 station positions. Only 15% of adults play golf, excluding 85% of your potential supporters. 100% of your supporters can participate in a Clay Shoot!

Community Servathons

Community Servathons follow the “Fundraising Process.” They are an excellent way to involve your volunteers/students in an event focused on serving other people and your community. Projects can include feeding the elderly, painting curbs, picking up trash, performing in nursing homes, doing yard work for shut-ins, etc. They are very similar to a Feed-the-Need event with a different service opportunity.

Like Feed-the-Need, Servathons teach valuable lessons on giving, generosity and serving others. Our prayer is that your event would be part of increasing your school’s culture of generosity and focus on others. We provide a comprehensive handbook on creative service ideas.

Live Dinner Auctions:

Live Dinner Auctions follow a modified “Fundraising Process.” At Live Dinner Auction events, funds are raised primarily from participant's personal fundraising, which generates hundreds of first-time donors.  Live Dinner Auctions create exceptional opportunities to bring new donors to a setting where you can showcase your vision in a meaningful and compelling way.  The end goal is not the money those new donors may give at your auction, but more importantly, the hope that those new donors will fall in love with you and become regular long-term donors.

Literally thousands of schools and nonprofit organizations conduct auction events, and there are literally thousands of bad examples of how these events are conducted!

The vast majority of auction events intentionally or unintentionally resemble a flea-market where the emphasis is on getting “great stuff cheap.”  Live Dinner Auctions should be about creating lavish spending events where people spend a lot of money on things that don’t cost much – and feel great about doing it!  The reason?  Their hearts are engaged in your vision and mission, and they delight in becoming part of your story.