Fundraising Plans

School communities get "fundraising fatigue." Chocolate sales, cookie dough sales, Entertainment Books, poinsettia sales at Christmas and other similar fundraising approaches can create significant noise and overwhelm your school community. A $20 chocolate purchase can replace a larger potential donation from a family and threaten the funding of an important project. IGC believes in greatly limiting fundraising events and methods to a few needs each year in addition to the Annual Giving Plan.

IGC has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools through unique special events, galas, golf tournaments and other approaches. Success depends on a very clear understanding of the needs funds are being raised for and a strong marketing and communications plan. Additionally, the next generation utilizes technology to evaluate causes and make donations. IGC has strategies and tools available for using social media and technology to meet fundraising needs.

IGC will lead your team through the process of developing and implementing a sustainable Fundraising Plan that will raise significant funds for your school for years to come.

Pricing - a sliding scale % of the funds raised which varies based on each event and approach

IGC will work with your Leadership to develop and implement a Fundraising strategy that will help your school be all God intended it to be.

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