IGC provides an Internet Television Broadcast System to Christian schools. It is like having your own mini "cable" company that enables schools to communicate, engage stakeholders and deliver Digital Christian Education over top of the internet, anywhere, anytime and on any connected device in a secure manner.

It is like having an internet television (iTV) broadcasting system for your school!

Unlike YouTube, users and content are controlled and restricted. No need to worry about what is being accessed and who is doing the accessing. The iTV Broadcasting System is very affordable and provides Christian schools with an incredible opportunity to engage its community and generate significant sustainable revenue to help fund Discipleship Infused Education.

IGC has existing video content to place on your iTV System from several high profile Christian content providers, such as Life Bible Study, Inc. (formerly NavPres)

Click on the link below for more information about the iTV System. Contact IGC for a quote on the iTV services!