IGC has developed tools for helping you strengthen the Technology component of your school as follows:


Printing press technology was seen by many as evil. Imagine not having a printed Bible, dog eared and weathered with notes filling the margins. Many could not fathom life without it. It became part of our culture.

The next generation feels this way about their technology. As "Digital Natives" smart phones and tablets are not tools, but the very means by which they communicate and live. Technological devices are part of their culture. Technology is not evil, but it can be used for evil. Christian schools can use technology in a God honoring manner to communicate, engage and educate this next generation. We should do as Christ did and speak in the language of the day. The language of the day revolves around technology.

IGC is working to help Christian schools teach students to utilize technology for Kingdom purposes. On the left is a list of tools IGC provides to help strengthen your technology component.