1. Chapel Program

Chapel should be an eagerly anticipated, rich and varied environment of learning and worship where students are encouraged to express their unique gifts and passions through leadership opportunities and mentored experiences… a highlight of every student's week. Want to know if your chapel is hitting the mark? Make attendance voluntary and find out.

Effective chapel programs create an environment where students are engaged, encounter God and where hearts are transformed. The music quality, lighting, sound and the presenter's dynamic personality does not a quality chapel make. We must ask, "what is the purpose of chapel" and measure its performance accordingly.

Chapel needs to be woven into the entire Discipleship process. IGC has developed a strategy for integrating Chapel with Bible classes, missions, small groups and all the other components of a Discipleship effort.

IGC will work with your Leadership to develop and implement an integrated Chapel program to help your school be all God intended it to be. Contact us for more information and a quote on our Developing Discipleship Culture services.

Pricing: $4,900

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