Bond Program Plans

Interest free and interest baring parent and community bond programs are effective ways to finance projects and provide working capital to a Christian school. Unfortunately, these programs can sometimes be viewed negatively by parents.

Developing a strong marketing and communications strategy and method of educating the parent community is vital to the success of a bond program. Many parents incorrectly believe tuition should cover the cost of special projects, building of facilities, capital expenditures and other non-operating expenses. It is very important for the parent community to understand the financial reality of the school and the role a bond program can play in its success.

IGC has worked with Christian schools to develop, implement and market significant Bond Programs. This effort has produced hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to fund education. IGC will lead your team through the process of developing and implementing a Bond Program Plan that will generate significant funds for your school for years to come.

Pricing - to be quoted based on scope and estimated time required

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